"the magic money machine"


Meet The Press

"Genuinely innovative"

- Azeem Khan, Huffington Post

"The magic money machine"

Paul Murphy, Financial Times

"... well-designed and perfectly executed!"

- Pedro Febrero, Coinrivet.com 

"Attracts New Audience"

- Jeniffer Bennett, Bloomberg

"The Future Berkshire Hathaway of Crypto"

- Eugenia Romanenko, Coinspeaker

"Management that knows what they're doing."

- Bix Weir, celebrity YouTuber

About Synthchain

The Value of Decentralised Asset Management In Utility

The Synthchain team is widely-recognised as the the world leader in value innovation solutions for Blockchain, and is taking Decentralised Asset Management (DAM) right to the heart of the economic ocean. That is, beyond exchanges and funds and right to digital currency assets themselves. As the managing project behind one of the oldest Blockchains in the world, Zurcoin, as well as being the architect of the world's first ever AI Blockchain, and creator of the now infamous Proof-of-Value (POV) smart Blockchain synthetic protocol, Synthchain has spawned dozens of imitators in Blockchain, including Snode, Synthetix and Black Moon Crypto. Still, it is the team behind Synthchain that remains by far the dominant force driving Blockchain's first ever value-added projects. 

In the past 2 years, Synthchain has spawned the emergence of two brand new types of DAM Blockchain technology solutions. These are Digital Notes - tokens which are purchased with existing digital asset products compatible with the token’s smart contract network, and which can be later exchanged for more or less of the amount of currency (and other currencies too) used to mint the digital note and Genius Contracts – tokens which can effect a one-time “claim” on any deposit into the token’s smart contract on a proportionate basis to the percentage amount of the token supply held by the claimer in a 100% non-securitised context. When it comes to value,  Synthchain still bears the burning torch high up above, marking the giant quest to make radical and world-altering changes to consumer finance and fintech never envisaged and more innovative and compelling than ever imagined by anyone before today.





A vintage 2013 POW Blockchain



The first Proof-of-Value protocol



The world's first AI Blockchain (in dev.)

Synthchain Trailer (2019)

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